tukma ipg 4000w fiber laser pagputol sa presyo sa makina alang sa pagbaligya 4kw cnc laser machine taggama

ACCURL IPG 4000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine outshine with its fast cutting and energy efficiency abilities when especially its compared to CO2 Easy use, maintenance and service has been achieved by the high technology of Fiber Lasers. Globally recognized efficient components used in ACCURL 4Kw Fiber Lasers add value to your company.

New Generation 4Kw Fiber Laser Technology:

1.With auto focus , thin and thick sheets can be cut at the best quality.
2.Single part welded body, capable of handling very high acceleration.
3.Low operational cost and energy consumption.
4.Excellent results for all types of materials.
5.World recognized high quality components.
7.Modern and compact design.
8.Efficient and user-friendly structure.

Standard Equipments:

• Germany BECKHOFF CNC Controller
• IPG YLS-4000W Ytterbium Laser Resonator
• Advanced PRECITEC cutting head (with air cross blast)
• Automatic Double Pallet Changer(Shuttle Table)
• Sistema sa katukma ug Pinion Drive System (Gibuhat sa Alemanya)
• nga sistema sa Radan o Lantek CAD / CAM
• Kahayag nga suga
• Chiller
• 3 nga mas ubos nga panalipod sa lente
• 3 Mga Seramik sa Mga Ceramic Nozzle
• Sistema sa nozzle nga Auto-calibrated
• Sistema sa Smart Slag Koleksyon / Chip Conveyor
• Sistema sa Pagbalhin sa Fiber Beam (Fiber Cable)
• Naglihok uban ang parehas nga gas nga N2 ug O2 (pagputol)
• Sistema sa Pagpirma sa Posisyon sa Balay
• Auxiliary Gas Selector
• Pasidaan sa Auto nga Pagpamalandong
• Mga Kahayag sa Pagtrabaho
• 5 Mga Nozzle matag usa sa mga Pagsunud: (1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm)

Optional Equipments:
• Automatic beam centering system.
• Linear motor technology
• Laser Safety Barrier
• Precitec cutting head
• Automatic sheet metal loading and unloading system.
• Compressor
• 1KW – 2KW – 3KW – 4KW – 5KW – 6KW – 8KW Laser power options available.

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