lamesa pagputol machine gamay nga cnc plasma cutting machine cnc plasma tube cutting machine

gamay nga makina sa pagputol sa plasma

Paglaraw sa Produkto

l Rail span:4000mm(Single drive)
l Rail Length:18000mm
l Valid cutting length:15000mm
l Rail specification:24KG/M
l CNC:1 set, America Hypertherm EDGE or Beijing Start system (SH2200)
l CNC torch:2 groups
l Auto igniter:2 groups(for the CNC flame cutting torch)
l Strip cutting torch:9 groups
l File transfer:USB interface
l Transverse transmission motor:Power 400W×1
l Longitudinal transmission motor: Power 400W×1
l Machine color:depend on customer
l Nest& programming software: 1set, FastCAM

Dali nga mga Detalye

Kahimtang: Bag-o
Voltage: 220V
Rated Power: 15kw
Ang sukod (L * W * H): 3880 * 2150 * 2000mm
Timbang: 1200kg
Sertipikasyon: CE
Garantiya: Usa ka Tuig
Gihatag nga Human nga Pagbaligya nga Serbisyo: Ang mga inhenyero magamit sa makinarya sa serbisyo sa gawas sa nasud
CNC system: China or American Hypertherm EDGE PRO
Vertical and Horizontal driving system: Japan Panasonic
Gear box: German NEUGART
Line guiding for torch lifting: Taiwan HIWIN
Main electric components: Siemens
Gas tube: Taiwan
Rail: 24kg/m
Suplay sa Gahum: AC220V ± 10% 50 / 60HZ
torch style: plasma and flame

Panguna nga Mga Hiyas

1. Beam adopts Q345B welded square steel tube structure with stress release by tempering,it has high intensity and rigidity.
2. After precision machining of the surface,the crossbeam has good rigidity and high precision and excellent heat dissipation.
3. The product is suitable for equipment with any kinds of CNC systems.
4. Hypertherm Edge Pro CNC
5. Portal extension
6. Tube Rotator for round pipes 30... 140 mm , Square pipes 20x20mm ... 100x100 mm
7. Movable drawer to collect parts and dross
8. Available with Hypertherm Powermax series, Maxpro200 series and HPRXD series plasma sources
9. True Hole technology (with HPRXD auto gas plasma source)
10. Fume extraction filter

Ang among mga Serbisyo

Thirteen(13)months from the date of on board, covering manufacturing quality(except consumables).
24 hours technical support by email.
calling or door to door service.
Engineer are available for guiding installation and commissioning.
Foundation drawing and electric diagram are provided by free.

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